Sunday, 22 March 2015

My name is AvaDub or really Ahva for short; I'm a producer, musician, sound guy and events specialist.
  • As a musician I explore where dance electronica fuses with live performance with my bass synth, bamboo flute, percussion and sweet zither melodies.  Currently I am adding to my compositions many samples of Indigenous songmen and instruments from Arnhem Land and around the world.  The sound is always trancey but melodic and pace can range from chill to progressive.
  • As a producer I am currently the manager of Gayŋuru Studios in NE Arnhem Land, NT.  The studios are run by ARDS Yolŋu Radio.  We work with many Yolngu (Aboriginal Australians of NE Arnhem Land) bands with traditional and modern elements but the studio is utilized by all locals.
  • For sound engineering and event production of any size I can provide professional services on request.  I like using the latest gear and pull a lively band sound that gets the crowd pumping. Currently I am the music co-ordinator for Garma Festival.


I started composing 17 years ago with text based computer sequencing and that interest grew until I had a degree in music composition under my belt! 
Moving to more secluded realms in the bush led to a different form of creativity; instrument making.  After years in the bush he finally crafted the  his chromatic bamboo flute, a flute with the lilting emotive quality of wood fused with the key modulation versatility of the silver flute.  I was also gifted with an old 52-stringed Zither (aka Yan-Chin) which produces clear and vibrant notes with a sweet resonance.
During the era of electro ska band, Heart Tribe, I constructed this elaborate setup that routed the flute, zither, xio-synth and vocals through my chunky sound card & beaten up lappie.
I am now infusing life into my electronica with this live setup.
I love collaborating and improv jamming on stage and also exploring world music, ancient cultures and travelling to find new sounds.