AvaDub - musician, event co-ordinator, sound engineer and booking agent.
  • AvaDub explores sound with bamboo flute (custom xindi), Khim (aka yan quin), synthesiser and laptop and outboard FX.  The sound is progressive and melodic and pace can range from chill to trance..
  • Ahva is currently working freelance for Yothu Yindi Foundation as Music Co-ordinator for Garma Festival, and also with North-East Arnhem Land Aboriginal bands:  Poison Whiskey, Eylandt Band, Garrangali Band and Larrtjannga & the Prince Humbles.
  • When mixing bands live and in the studio AvaDub creates a live and clean sound and represents the band for who they are, to best allow their talent to shine.
  • To book Ahva for a show or to book any of the above bands; or for live and studio sound engineering and event production of small to medium size contact AvaDub
Some samples of AvaDub's compositions and remixes..